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Join the Melinated Moms Community

Melinated Moms Community

Being a Melinated Moms member is an invaluable experience that unites community building, sisterhood and all on a trusted platform made by and for BIPOC moms and women. Our community integrates the similarities between us through race, ethnicity, culture and language. 

Who’s a part of our community? 

  • BIPOC moms/women

  • LGBTQIA+ individuals

  • Military families

  • And more…

What is included in my membership?

  • Subscriber Level 1

    As a subscriber, you have access to:
    Valid for 3 months
    • Melinated Moms Email Updates & Newsletters
    • Eligible to upgrade your membership through CCMOC Program
    • This plan is only active for 3 months
  • Individual Level 2

    Every month
    As an individual member, you receive the same access as a subscriber, with the following added benefits:
    • Exclusive members-only event invitation at discounted rates
    • Speak Up and Speak Out as a MM Ambassador
    • Enroll in MMU Classes & Courses at members-only pricing
    • 10% discount on Find Your Roar Course
    • Enrollment in CCMOC Program (if applicable)
  • MM Business Network Level 3

    Every month
    As a Melinated Moms Business Network member, you unlock even more resources and features of membership! You receive all of the benefits of levels 1 and 2 while also receiving more added benefits:
    • List your business on the Melinated Moms Business Directory
    • MMBN Spotlight. Let's elevate your business visibility!
    • Apply to be a MMU Instructor

There’s so much more to our organization than this! Here’s some testimony from our community members.

“It was a moment of finding myself and identifying with the other people who were there, sharing our different points of view."

Are you ready to join our community?

Upgrade your membership now. 

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