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Auntie's are my Village

Hi MelinatedMoms Family!

I read this article in the Washington Post a little while ago called "When an auntie is not actually a relative". To be honest it really got me upset. But then I had to look at my own situation. My children have several "Aunties" that are not their blood relatives, and I am OK with this. In the article the author talks about how her sister got upset because she gave a good friend of hers the title of Auntie. This good friend was there for her and her child, in my book that is what an Auntie does. They give you a break, by diapers, babysits, all of the things. It takes a village to raise a child. So why not surround yourself with women that will not only be a support to your but also your family.

Sometimes family isn't always supportive and friends can be that way too. My children have SEVERAL Aunties that are not related (I will be at the monkey bars at 3 pm if you wanna talk about it). These women have come through for my children in more ways than I can say. They didn't have to, but they love The Kid & Tiny Human (and maybe me a little bit).

This women want to be in the lives of my children. In addition to Aunties being there for the children they can also be a resource to you as well. Someone to let you know if you are tripping, if your kids are tripping or give you advice when you need it.

I hope you have some Aunties (related or non related) that have been there for you

So to all the Aunties out there putting in the work, YOU ARE APPRECIATED (in my 2Pac Voice).

Here is a quick shout out to a few of the Aunties!!!

From left to right

Top Row: Shyla affectionately know as as Booties, Tee aka Honey Tee, Jaye aka Auntie Tesha

Bottom Row: Phyllis aka Auntie Fillus, Nia aka Auntie Nina, Carolyn known to all as Pookie

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