Welcome to the Melinated Moms Blog!

Welcome to the Melinated Moms Blog!

For those who are new to our site, my name is Jaye Wilson. I am the Founding President and CEO of Melinated Moms. We have created this site as a safe space for us to share our experiences as moms. women, and sisters. Essentially, this is your space; but with a twist. When I created the concept for Melinated Moms, I envisioned a space that held support, diversity and resources all in one place. Over the last 3 years, I've been searching for the right way to connect with like-minded women on a global scale. I always think BIG. But I had no idea how or where to start...and then I started lol. So began this journey by starting meetups with other moms and our children at fun kid-friendly places. We began to converse and I learned the reason moms wanted to be a part of Melinated Moms was because they wanted an outlet that was inclusive for their children, but also held space for their needs too.

So, 3 years later, a couple of speeches, awards and a lot of networking, we built this community. When 2019 ended, we had a new vision for connecting with our global audience in audience in the UK and then--- COVID-19 shattered those plans! The word devastated was an understatement. I had no idea how I would continue to be in business if the main focus of my business was to engage with the community...in person! So, after my panic attack and a couple of great girlfriends, my team and I started to brainstorm the best way to stay connected even in a pandemic. So 3 month, 22 days and 18 hours later, we revamped this site to encompass all of the needs our community identified:

  1. Safe Space

  2. Diversity

  3. Members Only Content

  4. Resources

  5. Educational tools

  6. Events

So, with all of those elements in mind we rebuilt our version of Rome with moms in mind virtually. So check it out! We have plenty to share and we welcome you to be a part of our community.

With love and light,


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