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About Us

Melinated Moms began as one chapter in Jatesha “Jaye” Wilson’s life was closing. As a newly divorced mother of two, she was searching for community. A safe space where she could express herself, process her emotions and ultimately belong. But when her search came up empty, she decided to become what she could not find. Melinated Moms was born out of a desire to cultivate, nurture and inspire a holistic environment that encompasses and holds space for all seasons of mothering. 


Melinated Moms

- Mission & Vision of Melinated Moms -

The mission of Melinated Moms is to build a bridge of support that inspires, motivates and cultivates our members to be better versions of themselves. The vision for Melinated Moms is to equip moms and women across the Melinated Spectrum with the tools they need to remove the negative barriers associated with motherhood in women of color.


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Melinated Moms always have their fingers on the pulse of community engagement, advocacy and social awareness for our community. Check us out in the media. 
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Brand Principles

Melinated Moms exists to create a space for women who feel unseen and unheard. Our purpose is to dismantle the barriers associated with motherhood, womanhood and sisterhood by creating community engagement opportunities through social impact events that cultivate a positive, empowering and motivating environment for our members. 


1: Health & Wellness. 

By creating an integrated healthcare space we are combining holistic health practices with clinical recommendations that align with the 6 Dimensions of Health and Well being. 

  1. Physical Health

  2. Mental/Emotional Health

  3. Social Health

  4. Occupational/Financial Health

  5. Environmental Health

  6. Spiritual Health  

2: Family Fitness.

Children love to emulate what they see us do, so family fitness is an integrated way to incorporate movement, family bonding and fun ways to stay healthy.

3: Food & Nutrition.

Food is a love language! We host virtual and hybrid events to learn how to connect, engage and expand our love for food while including the various cultures of

our families across the Melinated Spectrum.

4: Mommy and me bonding

Through our authenticity, genuine collective building and people-centered initiatives, we work to eliminate the social isolation many moms experience, break generational curses, as well as highlight and embrace traditional cultural practices of our members.


We know there are so many things that separate us, but we choose to embrace our differences and unite through our similarities along the intersections of motherhood, sisterhood and womanhood.

5: Women Empowerment

All of our work is focused on eliminating the barriers of gender identity and expression in the member’s personal and professional goals.

Maternal Health Equity is…

We believe the best way to support a mom is to remember she is multidimensional. We incorporate the 6 dimensions of health and wellness into the structure of our programming. 

Melinated Moms programming incorporates race, ethnicity, culture and language into our classes, training and workshop to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Our goal is to cultivate community led conversations that provide empowered safe spaces with and for the community we serve.

The best way to build up those around us is to lead by example.

Maternal health equity looks like:


  • Promoting healthy eating, sleeping and physical health and wellness for moms, women and families

  • Providing a safe space to see your vulnerability as a strength and ask for help and emotional support 

  • The openness to find support through a self-reflective sisterhood space no matter where you are

  • Positioning yourself to succeed through visualizing the best journey for you to achieve financial stability 

  • Understand how to change your circumstances to feel safe where you live and who you live with 

  • Receive the grounding needed for you to receive the connection to your higher self  

Melinated Moms Members

Jaye Wilson, Founding President/CEO, Melinated Moms

Through compassionate advocacy, nurturing mentorship, and resilient mothering, Jatesha “Jaye'' Wilson is reshaping the world of maternal health for women of color. She is a nurse, CEO, founder, social impact speaker, maternal health advocate, self-sufficiency coach, and mother to two brilliant young girls. Drawing from her own experiences with adversity, motherhood and overcoming, Jaye’s work and resiliency has inspired the lives of women across the globe and is changing how we think of parenting.

All About Jaye

 In her professional career, Jaye has worked in community health and outreach as a nursing operational manager while simultaneously lobbying in Washington DC, New York and New Jersey as a community advocate for the LGBT+ community. Through these positions, she has gained a more nuanced understanding of the importance of advocacy, and how public engagement can create better physical, emotional and mental health outcomes for communities. Inspired by her own transitions from marriage to divorce, Jaye created a community of support that changed the narrative of motherhood, sisterhood and womanhood. Melinated Moms was born out of Jaye’s desire for a space to be seen, heard, and valued after her divorce. That desire continues to serve as the organization’s foundation. Melinated Moms is a community-centered women empowerment membership for moms and women of all shades and hues of melanin.


Working primarily with nonprofits, the organization focuses on filling the gap and ensuring BIPOC mothers from all walks of life are being supported in their journey, with the tools they need to flourish. Through curated events, Melinated Moms provides teachings, lessons and mentorship that has the power to uplift and inspire, by interweaving the many facets of motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood Jaye began her work with Melinated Moms hosting events in Bayonne, NJ (Hudson County) at The Bridge Art Gallery. In three years, she has curated in person events for moms and women of color throughout New Jersey, New York, Washington DC and Canada’s Greater Toronto Area. Her virtual community spans communities of color in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Her work has given her the opportunity to connect, empower and build with women throughout the melinated spectrum. In doing so, Jaye has found her life’s purpose and is committed to improving maternal health for Black women across the globe through policy, community and empowerment. 


“The first step to change the narrative of advocacy starts with me.”
- Jaye Wilson 

Meet The Team

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