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About Us

What is Melinated Moms?

Melinated Moms is a MOM Profit™ - a community-centered women empowerment social enterprise supporting moms and women to become better versions of themselves through advocacy, education, awareness and entrepreneurship. We provide support for our community by creating opportunities for moms and women across the Melinated Spectrum to connect, engage and empower each other with the right support behind them. As a mom or woman, the glass ceilings that limit the growth, ambition and capabilities often force many moms and women to choose one restricted path: motherhood or career, entrepreneur or employee, independence or marriage. With Melinated Moms, we provide the options to show the journey through motherhood, sisterhood and womanhood are harmonious stages of life that are inclusive, diverse and ever-changing - just like any other part of life. Having the right support can change the narrative from impossible to endless possibilities.

What is Melinated Moms University?

The Melinated Moms University is an integrated learning platform that incorporates the essential tools to become a better version of yourself as a Melinated Moms member. 

The goal of the Melinated Moms University is to align with the personal and professional goals of our community members while also providing an empowering space for our community members to grow in. 

Mission & Vision of Melinated Moms University

Our mission is to change the capacity of achieving opportunities through this platform to enable them to obtain their personal and professional goals with physical, emotional and intellectual representation reflected in the instructors. 

Our vision is to connect moms of all shades and hues of melanin with tools, resources and collective energy, in order to transcend the many hardships faced as BIPOC by breaking the barriers associated with access.

Melinated Moms, Black women, Melinated Moms University, POC, business owners, women business owners

Principal's Message

This virtual university was created with you in mind. Our instructors, our curriculum, and the outcomes from attending our university are all created to enable you to become the best version of yourself with the right support behind you! Welcome to our community!

Who’s a part of our community?

  • BIPOC moms/women

  • LGBTQIA+ individuals

  • Military families

  • And more…

5 Principles of Engagement

a method to stay connected to the foundation of our community engagement.

  • Health & Wellness

  • Mommy & Me Bonding

  • Family Fitness

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Women Empowerment

Melinated Moms, Black women, Melinated Moms University, POC, business owners, women business owners
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